Best Features of Your Patio Door

When searching for the right outdoor patio door designs, there are a range of choices for homeowners, including moving doors, bi-folds and French doors. If you’re considering new back doors, a terrific location to begin is to think of the features you desire, assisting to narrow down the kinds of items suitable for your needs. Back entrances are different from front doors since they frequently open up into a private area such as a garden, so views and natural light may take priority over privacy, for instance.

Here are some of the most preferable back entrance features:-

Large Glazing for Views & Light

If you want to achieve extensive views and let maximum natural light into your areas, search for back doors which have the greatest area of glass available. If you have a big opening space, aluminium sliding doors are a great alternative for their capability to create an undisturbed, glass wall result in your home. Always choose glazing which has a low u-value, guaranteeing your property stays as energy efficient as possible.


If you love spending time in your garden, flow between in and out is important to consider. Bifolds can open the entryway totally with each door panel folding onto the other, so nothing is left in the door area. You don’t need to open the doors, so you’ll have the flexibility to manage air flow and access.

Space Saving

Many property owners wish to guarantee their doors do not include a ‘bulky’ feature to the back of their residential or commercial property or take up a great deal of space when open. If choosing bifolding doors, however don’t desire them to use up a great deal of area, you could request for narrower door panels or an external opening configuration. Moving doors remain within the door track, so won’t use up a lot of area, specifically if selecting narrow frames just like aluminium products.


Every entry point into your house could be a target for burglars, so your back entrance is no various. With garden security typically a hot subject throughout the warmer months, it’s crucial that you do not provide opportunistic thieves more opportunities to prosper. Ensure that any items have high security features, consisting of multi-locking systems, robust hinges and barrel locks, along with being completely enhanced.

Attractive Style

Whether looking for conventional or contemporary styles, most homeowners desire a series of attractive options to match the design of their home. Guarantee you discover a collection of back entrances which allow you to personalize elements such as their colour, hardware and finishing effects. French doors are one of the most traditional looking options, however you can discover a selection of designs available.

Low Maintenance

If your outdoor patio doors are something you regularly use, ease of use is a must. Look for an item which stresses smooth opening and quality. The frames you select must likewise be made from a low maintenance product such as uPVC or aluminium which simply need to be wiped clean to keep them looking as good as new – no repainting or sanding needed.

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Tips on Designing Your New Porch

A brand-new porch offers a series of advantages for your house, providing the front of your residential or commercial property an overhaul while providing performance in bucketloads. Nevertheless, when thinking about the style of your porch, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Choosing the Right Style

While a new porch can update your property’s outside, it should not look out of location. Many people select to replace all of their windows at the same time which makes things easier, however there are a lot of choices if trying to find a patio design which remains in keeping with your residential or commercial property design. From modern-day looking frames to standard styles, customise the look of your porch with coloured frames and high quality hardware. There’s such a large selection of customisable designs offered that you’ll quickly find one which enhances the rest of your property’s features.

Glazing & Brickwork

Achieving the right balance in between brickwork and glazing is essential to creating a porch which looks appealing but doesn’t interrupt the functional benefits you desire. For instance, perhaps personal privacy is really essential to you, however you don’t want to shut out too much natural light coming into your corridor through your front door. There’s a variety of textured and odd glazing alternatives offered so that you have control over light and personal privacy, but lots of are happy to carry out clear glazing in their porch design if their front door is currently doing an excellent job. You can even choose strong panels, glass panels or a patterned fanlight for the entryway door. Any brickwork must blend in with the rest of your house completely.


It’s easy to get swept up in how your new porch will look, however, don’t forget about the functionality you desire. Some homeowners desire their brand-new porch to provide additional warmth and security for their residential or commercial property, as well as extra storage area. This suggests picking glass which has excellent levels of thermal insulation and a porch door with high security features. Lots of want to lock their porch, so remember to install all the features you ‘d get out of the very first entrance to your home. This includes a high quality deal with, letterbox and doorbell if your porch will serve as your brand-new front door.

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Why Choose Triple Glazing

It’s typically at this time of year (when windows are kept shut and the winter hits) that homeowners begin to consider whether their glazing is adequate for their home. A question we typically get asked here at Merton Windows is whether triple glazing is worth it and what the advantages are. While double glazing is the most ideal choice for lots of homes, triple glazing is a practical alternative if double glazing doesn’t fulfil all the performance requirements you require. Here’s our guide to triple glazing and who should think about having it set up.

What Is Triple Glazing?

As the name suggests, triple glazing consists of three panes of glass (compared to two in double glazed windows), all separated by the presence of argon gas. Argon gas is utilised in windows as an insulator due to the fact that it’s a bad conductor of heat, making it more difficult for heat to leave from your home. For this reason, triple glazed windows typically have a lower u-value than double glazed products. The extra sheet of glass can also decrease the solar performance of a window, lowering just how much of the sun’s energy can enter your residential or commercial property. This is fantastic news for those whose rooms are too hot, however many find high quality double glazing is all they need to eliminate draughts, keep their houses warmer and decrease condensation.

When Should You Choose Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing is most typically selected for its noise decrease advantages. Lots of homeowners struggle to sleep if there are frequent noises outside, or they want to block out a few of the noise produced by overhead flights or traffic on a hectic road. The extra pane of glass between the inner and external sheets offers a buffer while the argon gas takes in the sound vibrations that attempt to enter your rooms. Those looking for a more tranquil home or a quieter working environment find triple glazing the ideal solution for their requirements.

Other Considerations

As well as temperature level control and noise, there are a couple of other factors to think about when choosing if triple glazing is the right choice for your requirements. The additional sheet of glass can make your windows heavier, so high quality frames are a must. You should also think about how you open your windows. If you’re seeking to replace duration property windows but find double glazed sash windows difficult to open, for instance, a heavier item may not be the perfect choice. Triple glazing is generally more expensive than double glazed windows, however some would argue that lower energy expenses might offset the cost gradually.

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Ever Thought About Textured Glass in Your Home?

We typically think about new windows as having glossy and new clear glass panes, but there are various styles you can select. Among the ways you can customise your windows is through its glazing with lots of home and company owners opting for textured glass, often in a particular room. Here are the leading 5 factors for picking these intriguing styles.


Among the main factors for selecting textured glass in a home is for privacy, and this could be for external windows or even internal glazing. Numerous select unknown glazing for bathrooms and toilets, giving people peace of mind their personal privacy is protected. Internally, they can be used for anything from shower screens and cabinets to interior doors in between rooms. Internal textured glazing is frequently used in industrial homes for conference room, personal workplaces, evaluation rooms or as a divider in between locations in an open strategy workplace.


One of the benefits of using textured glass is that it offers privacy without shutting out all of the natural sunshine coming through the window. It’s constantly important to find the balance between personal privacy and light, so you’ll discover glazing features varying privacy levels. Among the key areas to make this choice is at your front door, patio and side panels where you wish to stop anybody seeing straight into your house but also desire an intense and inviting hallway.


It’s not just clear textured glazing offered but coloured glass too. This not just allows natural light however produces a colourful result which can boost your interiors. This is popular for fanlight windows. These are the smaller windows which are rectangular or semicircle fit, situated over a door or other bigger windows. It’s likewise a possibility to experiment with bespoke patterns, giving you a beautiful style that’s special to your home.


While textured glass can provide functionality, another reason to install it is for the looks. There are exceptionally trendy, with lots of decorative choices available. This includes etched glass which is patterned with anything from trees and leaves to lines or circles.

Planning Laws

When thinking about preparing consent for new doors and windows, there are times when you might require to set up odd glazing. This usually uses in upper flooring side elevations, along with new skylights or roofing system lights in side elevation roofing system slopes. The majority of brand-new windows and roof lanterns won’t need preparing approval, however you must still follow preparing rules in location.

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